Rules of conduct

Our escort service has rules of conduct for customers who make use of our services. You must respect these at all times. The policy for both (independent) escorts as customers is very important to us and are our houserules.


We consider the set rules of our licensee in Amstelveen. We must conduct a primary consideration to our customers who are always taken into account at all. By ignoring these rules of conduct, or otherwise violate our escort service and / or escorts forced some services, we can cancel an appointment or date without giving any reason. Please read the rules carefully, these are important for both escorts and clients.


• It is not allowed against will of an escort to offer beverages and / or foods.
• Unsafe sex is not never permitted in any circumstances. With unsafe sex is meanth blowjob without condom or intimacy without a condom.
• As a customer being you must have clean towels and / or clean (bed) sheets due hygiene rules.
• The escort is able to make use of a shower at the end of a date.
• In case of violation, we can call the police if necessary.

The escorts are working on an independent basis, and can refuse a customer or certain services if it is not enough hygienic.


If you have questions, you are free to always contact us. We are open every day from 15:00 to 06:00.

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"Important rules of conduct - read them before ordering an escort and respect at all times."

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